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CollabTech provides user interface design and usability evaluation services to clients involved in the development or use of web applications and other collaborative technologies. We work with a variety of business customers ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small internet start-ups. We also consult with government and educational clients on the application of cutting-edge communications and computing technologies.

In some cases, our projects require highly specialized skills or resources that we cannot provide from within our own staff. To best serve our clients, it is our practice to meet short-term needs for additional skills or resources by subcontracting with affiliated independent consultants. We choose these affiliates carefully and involve them only when there is mutual agreement that they will be able to contribute high value and that their participation in a given project will present no conflict of interest with other work. Some of our affiliated consultants are academic researchers who enjoy being able to provide their expertise through an arrangement that requires minimal marketing, negotiation, and administrative work on their part. Other affiliates have their own companies and work with us to broaden their range of client and peer contacts.

In order to become a CollabTech® Affiliate, an independent consultant must (a) provide us with a current resume (which will need to be updated at least once a year), (b) sign our standard non-disclosure form (to facilitate rapid exchange of information regarding potential projects), and (c) undergo a screening process that may include interviews and a review of work samples. [Note: Individuals with an established reputation who are invited to become affiliates will not require further screening.] All of our independent consultants must be able to satisfy federal and state tax requirements for independent contractors. We also require that our affiliated consultants not use the resources of another employer to complete work for us.

If you have specific questions about or would like to participate in the CollabTech® Affiliates program, please send an email message to affiliates@collabtech.com. Please be sure to include your return email address.


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