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The Industrial Age was created by the power of STEAM

The Information Age will be driven by the power of TEAMS


At CollabTech, we believe in the power of teams. When you come to us with a job to be done or a problem to be solved, our goal will be to perform as a committed member of your team. When you need a dedicated project team member, we can provide services at your site. When your project requires our specialized facilities or when you need only occasional, ad hoc consulting, we can use our state-of-the art computing and communications facilities to stay in close touch and maintain a "virtual presence." With our unique combination of high-tech and high-touch, we'll help you move fast and stay flexible, while preserving the sense of connection and spirit of shared mission that characterize high-performance teams.


CollabTech provides research and consulting services to business, government and educational organizations engaged in the development or utilization of network-based applications. Our current services include strategic planning, market research, usability evaluation, and user interface design. Our current areas of focus include Internet applications (e. g. web sites, intranets, specialized HTML/Java applications), Internet-based communications (e. g. chat, voice over IP, multimedia conferencing) and multi-user applications (e. g. groupware and Web 2.0).


CollabTech has a main office and customer research laboratory in Monterey (California, USA) and an auxiliary customer research laboratory in Fremont (California, USA). These two locations provide access to a diverse population of consumers and businesses for market research and usability testing. We also have affiliative relationships that allow us to conduct focus group research and usability testing in a variety of other locations in North America. In addition, CollabTech has portable equipment that can be used for field studies or to quickly set up a temporary "lab" at a remote location.

Our laboratories are set up to allow sophisticated audio and video recording for market research and usability testing. We are able to capture the video from a computer screen (using high resolution digital encoding) and mix that with output from multiple camera views. All this is done with discrete physical arrangement so that research participants have the feel of being in a comfortable office-like or home-like environment. We also have the capability to test applications using a range of platforms.


CollabTech's services are provided by usability specialists with advanced degrees and a minimum of five years of experience in usability engineering for network-based applications. CollabTech's staff have experience working with industry, government, and educational organizations in the areas of strategy formulation, market research, user interface design, user interface evaluation, technology scanning, and technology adoption planning.

To augment its dedicated staff, CollabTech has an established network of highly-qualified, affiliated independent contractors it can draw upon in order to meet peak demands or obtain specialized expertise. This allows CollabTech to create "just-in-time" project teams to meet a wide range of client needs. CollabTech can also arrange to conduct focus groups and usability testing at multiple sites in North America.


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